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Elizabeth Hensley | 01/25/15

A dental specialist would be the one to perform a root canal, not your regular dentist.

David Greene | 01/23/15

The best part of invisible braces is that nobody knows you are wearing them but you. Make a wash using a couple drops of tea tree oil and water.

Cathleen Jones | 01/23/15

Most dental assistants have a pleasant personality and are very helpful.

Elizabeth Moore | 01/22/15

You should adopt a dental routine with your children at a very early age.

Camille Eppstein | 01/21/15

If you have diabetes, you must take excellent care of your teeth because you have an elevated risk of gum disease.

Cherise Sparks | 01/20/15

There are several types of flossing picks you can take with you anywhere.

Deborah Rose | 01/18/15

Brushing and flossing regularly is a good way to prevent cavities in children and adults. It is important to ensure that your expectations and outcomes are achieved consistently.

Craig Harrison | 01/18/15

Small cavities may not cause pain so you may not know you have them.

Fernanda Barragan | 01/18/15

You can have a dental bridge built by a dental lab, but it is generally removable. Dental veneers, both porcelain and ceramic, are more conservative than for crowns, since less tooth structure needs to be removed.

Aura Zelada | 01/17/15

There is no need for extraction of teeth if the problem is diagnosed and treated quickly.

Annette Schmidt | 01/15/15

This reaction produces acid which damages the enamel over time and weakens the tooth.

Deborah Fox | 01/14/15

Knowing that you have brushed and flossed every day will make your next dental appointment a breeze.

Bart Kern | 01/13/15

You can get braces that are made of plastic that can't be seen by most people.

Dee Johnson | 01/13/15

On an Xray, abscess appears as a dark spot below the top of the root.

Elizabeth Howse | 01/13/15

If you were born with teeth deformities, your cosmetic dentist can fix that for you. Brushing is the best way to remove decay causing plaque and other debris from the teeth.

James Foster | 01/13/15

If you want veneers but your insurance won't cover them, ask your dentist about a payment plan.

Deborah Welch | 01/12/15

If you have regular dentures made, you will spend several weeks talking without teeth.

Craword Family | 01/12/15

If you are afraid of the dentist, find one that offers oral sedation. Sometimes a dental office will refer a patient to a specialist for a procedure not handled by the practicing dentist in that office.

David Dilbeck | 01/12/15

If your baby has gum problems, take them to the dentist.

Elizabeth Titano | 01/10/15

If you have big spaces in between your teeth, your dentist will probably use a composite material to fill them.

Cindy Huggins | 01/10/15

A chronic bacterial infection in your mouth can affect your gums and the bones that support your teeth.

Donna Harvel | 01/08/15

Sometimes you need to have dentures adjusted as the jaw and gums change shape.

Deborah Waymire | 01/07/15

Porcelain veneers can be permanently applied in just two office visits.

Diane Eggen | 01/05/15

It is much easier to understand what's happening in your mouth so you can see the problem on a computer screen.

Bernice Krambeck | 01/05/15

The embarrassment, irritation and self consciousness often experienced by people who wear dentures or who have suffered through older methods of tooth replacement are overcome with the confidence of permanently anchored dental implants.

Betty Harris | 01/05/15

A cavity is an infection caused by a combination of carbohydrates and bacteria that live in your mouth.

Carol Farugio | 01/05/15

Cosmetic dentistry has become more popular in recent years with the improvements in dental techniques and materials. You want to avoid a root canal at all costs, especially if you have veneers.

Ann Schwarz | 01/05/15

The drugs we use for intravenous sedation are usually administered in a vein in the forearm or back of the hand.

Abbey Hansen | 01/04/15

Be sure to see your dental professional often for regular dental cleanings. The entire gamut of physical and emotional health consideration must be taken into account when discussing oral health issues with their doctor or dentist.

Heidi Ehrlich | 01/02/15

If you start to lose your teeth as an adult, get to the dentist immediately. Invisible braces are a great way for adults to straighten their teeth without others noticing.

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