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Frank Fort | 03/31/15

If your gums bleed easily when you brush, you probably have a gum disease.

Holly Eichin | 03/31/15

Use baking soda to brush your teeth and then follow up and rinse with peroxide.

Carlene Damon | 03/30/15

There is always risk of complications from a medical or dental procedure.

Carl Segers | 03/28/15

According to the research, in comparison with orange juice and hydrogen peroxide did not result in significant changes in the hardness of enamel.

Cassondra Foster | 03/27/15

The results are safer, attractive and very consistent in adults with good oral health in general.

Devin Hepler | 03/27/15

Check with your dentist to see if immediate dentures are right for you.

Deborah Bowers | 03/26/15

Ceramic porcelain is very thin and looks just like your normal teeth.

Cherise Sparks | 03/24/15

When considering treatment options, medical or dental extent, you should always get a second opinion.

Alex Adams | 03/24/15

Brush and floss your teeth regularly. It is very important for them to talk to your dentist about extraction, risks, possible complications and results of the removal of these teeth.

Debra Hornby | 03/23/15

Tinnitus is a frustrating condition that many people suffer with every day.

Carol Holguin | 03/22/15

If you tend to have more plaque on your teeth, you may need more than one dental cleaning each year.

Courtney Enlow | 03/21/15

Today, there are many specialties in dentistry, which deals with a different part of the problem tooth.

Drew Derk | 03/19/15

It is important to have regular dental examinations, including a periodontal examination.

Charlie Hardy | 03/17/15

After you have used a teeth whitening program, do not use a mouth wash with alcohol in it.

Brent Funderburk | 03/16/15

The patient is simply in a state of extreme relaxation when they have sedation dentistry.

Bernard Dunavant | 03/16/15

It is important to ensure that your expectations and outcomes are achieved consistently.

Ann Rigsby | 03/15/15

Proper motion is more in the line of massaging the gums when brushing teeth.

Candace Baumgartner | 03/13/15

The space between your teeth and gums can become infected and cause you pain.

Emily Husted | 03/11/15

You may not realize that half of the population puts off going to the dentist as part of their overall health.

Dawn Chianese | 03/10/15

Consider the fact that certain fruits high in sugar can have a negative impact on your dental health.

Erika Fisher | 03/08/15

People who quit smoking, even after several years of use, can significantly reduce the risk of all smoking related diseases, including oral cancer.

Elizabeth Cheung | 03/07/15

A great nutrition tip to keep in mind is to choose to eat foods that are good for your teeth and gums, like fresh vegetables.

Brian Hainline | 03/05/15

Many people prefer to consult a dentist with experience in family and comfort then share the information with family members. You can have a dental bridge built by a dental lab, but it is generally removable.

Edita Egley | 03/04/15

Cracked or crowded teeth can be solved with the right veneers.

Elizabeth Nordstrom | 03/02/15

Prolonged discomfort may also indicate that a tooth pulp is infected, requiring a root canal.

Courtney Hughes | 03/01/15

Nearly half of all Americans do not have dental insurance and as a result, many of them do not receive adequate dental care. Crowns that no longer fit the gum and bone level to more of the teeth, can be restored.

Camille Lear | 02/28/15

People with fewer teeth often experience a lessened ability to consume food, which can cause a potential loss of all important nutrition.

Anne Perdue | 02/26/15

Several physical relaxation techniques can make you feel comfortable.

Cindy Eriavez | 02/24/15

Research shows that a smile is an important factor in the overall first impression of the person doing the interview.

Courtney Peckman | 02/24/15

This system can strengthen your teeth with custom molded clear plastic.

Donna Harakidas | 02/22/15

After decay, dentin and enamel of the teeth begin to wear. If you do not consume a lot of coffee or tea, and you don't smoke or drink large amounts of wine, you may only have to touch up the whiteness as little as once a year.

Deb Myers | 02/21/15

Molars form during the seventh month of pregnancy and remain with your child as an adult.

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